Platvlei, Lichtenburg – creative farm wedding of Lelanie & Hardus

I was recently treated to an away wedding in Lichtenburg with the ever fabulous Stella Sassen, again get to work with one of the most amazing and inspirational wedding photographers in the market here in South Africa, in my humble opinion.

I have been dying to work a farm wedding and this wedding was just that!  It was a break away from the normal white chapel wedding and prestine wedding reception.  A family farm combined with home made food and a flair for creativity brought all these elements together into a truly farm style wedding.

Congratulations Lelanie and Hardus on your magical day!  Thank you for allowing us to spend the day with you capturing all your memories!  A thousand blessings for you for the future!

Please see my Facebook page here for more images, I could have just kept posting but as with all technology, there is a limit!

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3 Responses to Platvlei, Lichtenburg – creative farm wedding of Lelanie & Hardus

  1. Sharon says:

    Wow what a wonderful experience. Awesome shots!

  2. Hannalee says:

    Really beautiful my friend! Well done

  3. Stella says:

    Nicely done C! What an awesome wedding this was 🙂

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