A Fairytale Wedding day for Cindy & Chris

If I were to describe a fairytale complete with the princess and her prince, it would be this couple, Cindy & Chris. From the first time I met Cindy and Chris, I knew this was going to be a wedding to look forward to!

Cindy and Chris were married at St Johns Apostle Church, Florida Park, their family church and witnessed by their close friends and family.  It was the merging of 2 nations, litereally, Portuguese and German and topped with a couple of traditions, the downing of a tot of schnappes and then the sawing of the log!

Cindy had decided that we would do something a little different to the traditional pretty gardens. We drove into Florida’s high street and took the risk of doing some of our photographs’ taking on an urban feel.  We then made our way to a run down old building ruin and did a few photos there.  We had onlookers who cheered the happy couple along the way.

The reception was held at the Fairview Hotel, Randburg.  Now this was the time of the day that the guests were treated to a Carnival Hour once the formalities had been done.  A pinata was brought out and guests decked themselves out with hats, masks and boas.

Below are a selection of images that tells the story of this fairytale day for this gorgeous couple!

A huge thank you to Gena for assisting me with the gorgeous wedding.  You can find her here.

Cindy & Chris, thanks for allowing me to capture all your memorable moments to compile your story!  And wishing you a million blessings for your wonderful future together.  Enjoy your honeymoon (and the well deserved break)!

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2 Responses to A Fairytale Wedding day for Cindy & Chris

  1. Sharon says:

    Stunning images!!

  2. Hannalee says:

    Love it! Especially the street photography! You go girl!

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