Bryanston Country Club Wedding, an intimate affair…Caryn & Ashley

As we expect the October Highveld rains to start, so they did on Saturday evening.  The atmosphere was filled with electricity ready for the heaven’s to open.  I love this time of the year, and summer even more so.

But that was not going to dampen the spirits of a lovely couple, Caryn & Ashley.  These two special people were surrounded by amazing friends and family, as well as their 7 month old daughter Maddison, a complete little family.  I watched as Caryn was transformed into a gorgeous lady and Ashley into a dapper young man!  Their planning was to include a fabulous affair for their guests to enjoy at the Bryanston Country Club.

They had arranged for a photobooth, but not just any photobooth, one that allows you to take your pictures, and then these are printed, and then glued and stick these into a scrapbook type album with decorative stickers and embellishments.  By the time the reception finishes, an album complete with messages, photographs, stickers etc, are compiled into this one amazing storybook!  Ready for them to take home and enjoy looking at the photographs of all their guests.

To Caryn & Ashley, a huge congratulations on your marriage!  A wonderful couple who are matched so perfectly.  It was a privilidge to be able to document your special day for you!  Enjoy your honeymoon and I’ll see you when you get back.

I have to say a big thank you Sharon Senior for joining me on Saturday.  We don’t managed to see each other a lot but it felt like we had seen each other the day before.  Sharon’s images can be viewed here.

Fun Fotos – photobooth scrapbooking concept.


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3 Responses to Bryanston Country Club Wedding, an intimate affair…Caryn & Ashley

  1. Gena D says:

    wow that’s fast!! Excellent Corinna!

  2. Stella says:

    Well done!! (clap clap) 🙂 Lovely images!

  3. Sharon says:

    These are just awesome as always Corinna. Thanks so much for asking me to join you, I really had so much fun

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