An Uber Modern Wedding…

Khathala and Shawn were married at the Fairway Hotel, a venue in the north western suburbs of Johannesburg.  These two are a fun loving couple who were both looking forward to their big day!  I had no problem settling the guys into their prep shoot as they were naturals!

The guests were treated to a true integration of cultures, the ceremony ended with Khathalas friends and family breaking out into a popular Xhosa hymn which made my hair stand on end.  It was simply stunning.

Guests were treated to a pair of flip flops to rest their weary feet whilst they partied the night away on the dance floor.  Clearly this crowd were having a whole heap of fun!

I wish you both, Khathala and Shawn, a wonderful life together.  Blessings on both you and your families.  Thanks for sharing your special day with us!

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One Response to An Uber Modern Wedding…

  1. Shawn Holten says:

    Hey Corinna,

    Thanks for the stunning pics and kind words 🙂

    S & K

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