Timeless & Classic at St Andrews and St Johns College- Tenielle & James

It’s before the first thunder storms and the first rains here on the highveld, the month of September.  As we look forward to the cleansing water that will come to refill our glasses and clear the old from the new, so we look upon our new wedding season with as much creativity we can muster.   This wedding season will bring with it new bridal blossoms.

And for this wedding we had to look no further than our camera lens.  It wasn’t difficult to see that this couple, Tenielle and James, are in love and ready to take on their new beginnings.  The emotion between these two people brought back memories of my own wedding.  Everything about this wedding and this couple just oozed love and affection, classical elegance.  From the brides dress to the gorgeous decor that dressed the reception.

The ceremony took place at St Andrews School for Girls in Bedfordview.  It boasts gorgeous old English style grounds and architecture and its very own chapel.  Their in-house choir sang during the emotion-filled  ceremony.  The reception was then hosted at St Johns College in Houghton, what a gorgeous intimate affair where the couple could enjoy the wonderful company of their close friends and family.

A huge thank you to Andrea Carlyle for letting me second shoot with her today, her blog post and images can be viewed here.

Huge congrats to Tenielle and James for allowing us to capture your gorgeous and emotional day.  You will have a million lifetimes of blessings coming your way!  Enjoy your images.

For more images, please go take a look at my Facebook page here.

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4 Responses to Timeless & Classic at St Andrews and St Johns College- Tenielle & James

  1. Hannalee says:

    Oh my word, Corinna! These are absolutely gorgeous! You are so talented in the way you create an image from an unusual angle to make it visually pleasing. You are going places girl! WELL DONE!

  2. AndreaC says:

    Awesome images and as Hannalee says unusual angles which make refreshing images…thank you!

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