Karen & Tom – The Beautiful Red Ivory Lodge

A little while back I had the fortune of shooting at Red Ivory Lodge with the awesome photographer and friend Kat Forsyth.  When Kat said that she had a very cool, funky and down to earth couple, I inwardly jumped for joy.  So not only a cool couple, but a beautiful couple at that.  Check Kat’s post here!

Kat and I set off for Haartbeespoort on Saturday morning, eyeing out potential creative shoot locations nearer the venue.  We were treated to endless veld (and all time favourite long grass), as well gorgeously moody skies with the ever increasing risk of rain.  Nonetheless, there was none and we could carry on with a lot of fun.  This couple truly rocked!

We were not disappointed with the elegant decor of the venue, very classy and equally beautiful.  Every detail thought about, and nothing to be missed.

I had fun shooting the groom and his groomsmen, again I don’t know who had more of a ball, them or me.

I just wanted to thank Kat for this wonderful opportunity to shoot at this gorgeous venue.  As well as to the amazing, awesome and fabulous couple that is Karen and Tom.  May you be blessed as much now as always! Thank you so much for the wonderful occasion and it was so nice to meet you!  Hope you enjoy these images below as much as I enjoyed shooting them.

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