Baby Christian at 3 weeks…

I had the fortune of shooting a gorgeous and handsome little man yesterday afternoon.  Tyla and Tinus came for their baby shoot with their new addition, 6 months after I joined them by shooting their wedding!  I was delighted to see them again and relished in the opportunity of cuddling this nunu!  He certainly made it very clear that he didn’t like this clothes being taken off, so we worked round a rather determined little man!  But here are some shots we got…

Tyla and Tinus, it was wonderful to share this session with you both as well as Christian! You have been blessed with the gift of parenthood and you both make awesome parents!  Enjoy! Always, Cx

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2 Responses to Baby Christian at 3 weeks…

  1. Stella says:

    nicely done :))))

  2. Sharon says:

    Well done, you certainly got some good shots there. 🙂

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