Western Cape Beauty: Gordon’s Bay, Devon Valley Wine Route

Well, to say that I have been stranded in the Western Cape this past week is an understatement.  My car broke down in the centre of Cape Town last Thursday and now it’s in a service garage in Sommerset West.  It wasn’t funny to start with but I’ve seen the lighter side of our dilema by arranging a few family shoots while I’ve been waiting for the repairs to be done on my car.  And these have taken place at various wine route locations in the Western Cape!

Our holiday started off in Gordon’s Bay.  My hubby and I ran the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon and Half Marathon last weekend which saw 2 beautiful days out of the 8 we were staying there.  I couldn’t resist hauling out my camera and taking advantage of the local sites under thunderous and angry skies! I also couldn’t help including my beautiful 3 year old daughter who just makes my heart smile, have a look at these gorgeous pics below.

And then we joined family at their Wine Estate, Stoneycroft.  If you are looking for a beautiful bodied red wine, then please make sure you try this one!  This is a gorgeous vineyard sunset, so different to what we experience here on the highveld, with our own bush and beauty…

And here is a view from Stoneycroft of the infamous Table Mountain in the distance.

I had 3 family shoots while I was in the Western Cape with those blogs to shortly follow.

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2 Responses to Western Cape Beauty: Gordon’s Bay, Devon Valley Wine Route

  1. Sharon says:

    You have a gorgeous daughter!

  2. ctannian says:

    Thanks Shazy! As beautiful as yours!!!

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