Grunge, Graffiti & Grumbling thunder….. Graffiti Part II

Well folks, I did the second part of the Graffiti walk with the Joburg Photowalkers and another brilliant day was had by all.  It was fabulous to meet up with familiar faces and make friends with the new!  The turnout was phenomenal and we looked like a regal parade while cars followed each other from location to location. 

We were graced with the heaven’s that opened and the rolling thunder whilst trying everything to keep camera equipment under ‘wraps’.  It was a feast of clothes swapping between those photographers that had clothes to spare to try keep warm and somewhat warm and dry.

Finally, we ended up at the wonderful Troyville Hotel for a spot of awesome lunch and a chance to dry off.!  I second the opinion that it should become the new Headquarters for Jozi Walkers.  Thanks again to Mark Straw and Derek Smith for another fabulous day out.  I certainly look forward to shooting some of this awesome creativity at sunset on Saturday.

Take time to enjoy the various elements that provided me with inspiration & creativity.

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4 Responses to Grunge, Graffiti & Grumbling thunder….. Graffiti Part II

  1. Stella says:

    awesome shots C!!!

  2. ctannian says:

    Thanks Stella, my other source of inspiration you!!!!

  3. Mark Straw says:

    A wonderful collection .. what makes these photo walks so amazing is seeing such different views of the streets of Joburg and the world around us.

  4. Leon says:

    Stunning work. It was so much fun.

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