Baby Noah – Excited & Energetic in Emmerentia

I was thrilled to get back to another portrait session yesterday morning! 

Not so long ago I posted Hayley’s Little Boy Blue Bump at Delta Park.  Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting her little brood of boys.  She is now blessed with 3 boys and she’s certainly looking fantastic for it as well! 

I took a few of baby Noah (just couldn’t help myself with such a precious bundle so available).  He didn’t even peep, although he stopped for some brunch, and just carried on as if this was an everyday occurance.   Baby Noah’s brothers absolutely adore him and were endearingly protective of him.  Congratulations guys, he is just gorgeous!

We then took it outside on the lawn and were treated to very energtic boys who were spinning their stuff.  We had fun trying to co-ordinate 2 lively boys and 2 wonderful Irish Terriers. 

Congrats again Hayley and Barry on the birth of your gorgeous 3rd son!  You will be blessed with a lifetime of happiness, laughter and plenty of memories.  Hope to see you again soon!

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