Exquisite & Elegant at Johannesburg Country Club – Cecilia & Ryan

Last weekend was such fantastic weather, all the more reason to shoot the celebration of an equally fantastic wedding with Cecilia and Ryan!  This was also thanks to Stella Sassen for allowing me to shoot with her again!  And as she so rightly puts it…..has fantastic clients!  Well done Stella!

This was one of those very elegant weddings.  The church had an awesome ambient mood about it.  With gorgeous lighting to compliment it.  Followed by an equally elegant reception at the Johannesburg Country club!

The gorgeous couple who had family all over the world were particularly thrilled when they found out that Cecilia’s granny could view the service from Argentina.  Wonderful how modern technology doesn’t limit you on such an important day like your wedding.

Cecilia & Ryan, you two were made for each other.  When God was sculpting figures, you were carved from the same clay!  You made it so enjoyable to capture your special moments on your wedding day, and for that we thank you!!! All the best for the future!

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One Response to Exquisite & Elegant at Johannesburg Country Club – Cecilia & Ryan

  1. Stella says:

    Well done you!! You got some awesome ones at this wedding – love the groom’s shots and the dance!

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