Gorgeously golden at Thaba ya Batswana – Nomzamo and Delani

After 5 days of rain, we had it….a rather pefectly golden day to shoot this beautiful wedding at a wonderful wedding venue.  As I was driving up through the koppie, I couldn’t help but stare at the wonderful surroundings and flora.  My heart was just dancing inside.  I was in for yet another treat in the bushveld.  Another opportunity to second shoot with Dominique of Open Image.

I arrived at the venue and we made our way up to the boys room.  There we were greeted by about 7 guys all laughing and joking and having good fun.  The groomsmen looked very smart and the groom was about to get ready himself.  He looked very handsome when he did.

We made our way over to the bride to also be greeted by lots of women all enjoying themselves and looking  radiant.  The bride looked so happy and relaxed.  Her Father gathered all the woman around him and held his daughters hands while he said a prayer.  It was beautiful and a wonderful ritual to watch.

We were treated to some wonderful lighting once the ceremony was over and guests made their way to the reception.  The opportunity arose for us to take the bride and groom into the veld for some sunset creatives.   Zamo and Delani’s story is below.

Thanks guys for the wonderful opportunity of sharing your gorgesous day with you.  You were wonderful to work with and we wish you a lifetime of happiness and fun!  You make a really fun loving couple!

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4 Responses to Gorgeously golden at Thaba ya Batswana – Nomzamo and Delani

  1. Dominique says:

    Of all the weddings you’ve shot with me so far – this is my favourite set of images. You did a brilliant job Corinna!!! Can’t wait to see how you keep growing 🙂

  2. Stella says:

    Well done C!!! Love the first one of the groom ALOT!

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  4. Delani & Nomzamo says:

    Corrina, these are beautiful! Thank you so much. Only now we see how gorgeous we were. Not forgetting our bridal party and guests. We just had our 2nd leg of our wedding yesterday, in Durban, Delani’s hometown. It was beautiful. The weather was just a great. We look forward to our wedding photos. Keep on doing this special work of art. Stay blessed.

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