True bushveld at Zebra Lodge with Eleni & Adrian

Another occassion that I had the fortune of working with Stella again!  I know this  kind of terrain is the most beautiful and being a ‘returnee’ from the UK, have quickly come to love this environment, as does Stella!

This venue is about 30mins North of Pretoria.  The contrast between the beautiful green flora, the brown sand and the dramatic blue sky is the scene from a photographer’s dream!  The contrast was stunning.  Coupled with the fact that we have a stunning bride and an equally handsome groom, is the perfect formula for gorgeous wedding photographs.  The sky was enhanced by the dramatically moody clouds and the colour which it created was a recipe for divine inspiration.

The gorgeous little chalet type houses provided the stone background for wonderful preparation shots.  The gorgeous natural indigenous woods enhanced the atmosphere of this private game reserve as a wedding venue!  All I can say is that we were in for a treat! 

Thank you Eleni & Adrian for allowing us to record all those special moments from your very special day and may you cherish the memories forever.

Here is Eleni and Adrian’s story!

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4 Responses to True bushveld at Zebra Lodge with Eleni & Adrian

  1. Stella says:

    Awesome set Corinna!! Love the one with the priest 😉

  2. ctannian says:

    Thanks Stella!!!! Happy with what I got!

  3. Dominique says:

    Love the shot of the bride’s shoe peeking out from under the dress!!! The colour just pops! Great set Corinna 🙂

  4. ctannian says:

    Thanks Dom, had a great time and loved this one! Looking forward to shooting with you this weekend! Hope you’ve had a super fabulous week my Friend!

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