Perfectly Pink at Misty River

Another weekend for a perfectly pink wedding!  I was blessed to be working with Dominique from Open Image again!  We seem to be working together a lot these days!

I arrived at the venue with plenty of time to spare!  I had the good fortune of walking around the grounds to find us some awesome locations to shoot at. Of course delighted to find easy access to wide open fields and which has become one of my fave places to shoot.

I was treated to an elegantly laid out venue dressed in beautiful pink roses.  The table decor complimented the theme beautifully with white and pale pink flowers at centre pieces.  Each setting was delicately laid with favours for all the guests!

The Groom and his brother arrived.  We then continued to shoot his family.  The sky was becoming thunderous and dramatic and I was secretly dancing inside, no rain of course.

At 4pm the bride arrived in a gorgeous old vintage Volvo, together with her bridesmaid and sister.  Yolande looked stunning.  Her dress incricately embroided with pink thread with some silver to match.  I was so looking forward to shooting this wedding.

The service continued to the delight of the other guests and then I was time for the creatives.  The light was just stunning and the dramatic clouds just dissapeared and left behind a twilight glow!  Beautiful!

The entertainment was exactly that, a fantastic duo from Pretoria who had the guests in stitches, and the music was fantastic.

And here is the story of Yolande and Quintin – you two make a gorgeous couple both inside and out!  May you be blessed with a lifetime of happiness, thank you for a wonderful opportunity to capture your very special day! 



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2 Responses to Perfectly Pink at Misty River

  1. Dominique says:

    Your decor shots are awesome!!! I love the reflection in the cake knife – very well spotted 🙂
    Great collection of images!

  2. Karla says:

    Stunning Photo’s but the car is a Volvo not a Rover

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