A beautiful couple at a beautiful venue – Chez Charlene

Well, what can I say about this awesome wedding.  I was again priveledged to be second shooting with Stella Sassen for this wedding.  Again my role was to get the shots of the groom and his groomsmen.  I had to meet them at their venue which was just down the road from Chez Charlene.  I was greeted by the groom and from there I was treated to various awesome locations to shoot the group against wooden fences, textured walls which is a photographer’s dream.  About an hour later we were done, getting ready, a few drinks and then they were on the way to the venue.

There I got the opportunity to go and shoot some of the decor.  I was inspired by the most elegantly laid out venue, with hanging chandeliers, mirrors on the tables, plenty of glass and crystal on display.  It was magnificent.  I couldn’t help but get as many decor shots as I could.

The ceremony took place in the chapel, a beautifully lit room with the groom awaiting his bride.  Part of the ceremony took place in Portuguese, a great treat to the many Portuguese family members that were there.

All in all, a fantastic day shooting another gorgeous couple.  Thank you Michelle and Craig for allowing us to capture every moment of your very special day!  Enjoy your honeymoon!

Time to share some of the beauty of the day!


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