Spring has sprung…..

Happy Spring to all my fellow peeps in the southern hemisphere! How gorgeous has the season changed! I’m looking forward to another wonderful summer back in South Africa after my 13 years in the UK. And….I’m sooooo looking forward to those awesome ‘highveld storms’ that we experience here in Joburg which I’m told starts at the end of September. Now that will present another host of fantastic and endless shooting opportunities. Shooting weddings in the afternoon should be a whole heap of fun. If I thought that shooting in England was wet, then I’m certainly going to get the wellies out here too…..and possibly for my brides as well!

Anyway, enough of summer stuff. But I wanted to share this gorgeous blossom with you. I was sitting on my balcony overlooking the sparkling pool (which may I add recently resembled a koi pond, from the winter) when I noticed that all the pink blossoms didn’t hang around too long but these yellow ones are now out. I also noticed that there is a gorgeous tree at my mother in laws that have white ones and just sooooo pretty. So I’d better catch them while I can!

Michaela and Luke are enjoying watching all the birds come to life in our garden and I’ve had to promise to make a bird feeding thingy to hang up in the trees. They are in awe of the flowers that are coming out despite no rain yet.

 On that note, a happy spring to you all and look forward to sharing upcoming shoots with you soon!

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